CGN Meiya Attended the Listed Company Seminar of the Cross-border Connectivity Seminar Campaign
( 2015-11-11 )

Nov 10, 2015 afternoon,, the Listed Companies Council Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association (LCCHK), Chinese Financial Association of Hong Kong, Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong and Chinese Asset Management Association of Hong Kong jointly hosted the Listed Company Seminar of the Cross-border Connectivity Seminar Campaign. The Seminar on Shenzhen-Hong Kong Connect Programme is the second siminar of “the Cross-border Connectivity Seminar Campaign”.

Mr. Arthur Lee, CGN Meiya Assistant President, Company Secretary and General Manager of Investor Relation Department, attended the seminar on behalf of the Company. Mr. Lee shared his experience with domestic investors and hoped the commission and HKSE would held more seminars like this to provide more opportunities between listed companies and investors to exchange their thoughts. During the seminar, challenges and opportunities of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect Programme and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Connect Programme were discussed and understanding of future development in the industry was also deepen.

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