CGN New Energy Held Rename Ceremony at HKEx
( 2015-12-09 )

At 12:30 in Dec 8, CGN Meiya was officially renamed to CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (CGN New Energy) during its rename ceremony at HKEx. “After the renaming, CGN New Energy will play a better part as CGN’s sole global platform for development and operation of non-nuclear clean and renewable power generation projects, living up to its social responsibility and providing return to shareholders,” said Mr. He Yu, Chairman of CGN Group, in the address at the ceremony. He also noted that CGN Group will continue to stick to its mission “Provide clean energy to benefit mankind” and to fully support CGN New Energy become first-rate and internationally renowned non-nuclear clean energy developer and operator.

Based on the understanding and anticipation to CGN New Energy, multiple funds, banks, investment banks, law firms and public accountings sent representatives to attend the ceremony. Member from party organization of CGN Group He Yu, Tan Jiansheng, Shi Bing and CGN New Energy Holding Chairman, Mr. Chen Sui, Lin Jian, Xu Yuan, Xing Ping, Liang Zizheng, Fan Renda, Zhang Dongxiao, as officiating guests of honour, appeared on the stage for the group photo and raised their glasses to celebrate the rename.

At 12:58, Mr. He Yu went on the stage and stroked the gong with all guests counting down. With everyone applauding in the trading hall, CGN New Energy’s stock proceeded its transaction.

The abbreviation of CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd is CGN New Energy and its code 1811.HK remains.

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